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Active Worlds access free in 3D world AW


1* Download this little software : > AW 4.1 <

2* When it's install on your computer.

3* you go to AW gate.

4* you will see an icon " advanced mode " activate it.

5* on left top you will find " Teleport " (image).


aw doc

click on" To "

6* Write in " Allusion " and ok.

You will be on the world Allusion :)

You will load objects and textures of this world, be patient for load at the first time, the next time you will have already all the files in your computer.

7* Then go back to " Teleport " ( image).

aw doc

and click on " Make This My Home "

Now you don't have to do it again, you will arrive directly on Allusion :)

If you are in directx, I advise you to activate directx and hardware in video parameters of this program, you wil have best rapidity and quality for you billsticking.

welcome on Allusion .

3d Allusion World

Other teleport (clic )

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