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Presentation of the site alusion-fr.com

This site is for help on

Activeworlds and Outerworlds and SpiralMatrix and Aw-Europe

You will find on this site, help and free resources of 3D objects, free textures, free skyboxes, free masks, free corona, free avatars, free wallpapers doing in the 3D worlds (ActiveWorlds), free grounds and free tutoriels.

This site is for sharing with regard to AW, AW europe et OW (and other 3D world which works with RWX and COB formats for the objects)

I hope you will find in this site the resource you needs to create or imagine your own 3D world according to your rules and your taste.

If you wish to contribute to the content of this site, contact-me.

I specify that this site is non-profit-making, if you want to contribute to this site, you can do it via PayPal ( for this Contact-me)

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